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FAQs About Solar

The Statkraft sun Pact become your own electricity supplier: We rely on your roof a photovoltaic system and they lease at a reasonable price, without own risk. How to use self-generated electricity for own consumption.

Myths About Solar

Already 1,000 sqm roof area can provide enough energy for the refrigeration of a supermarket. Or for light and ventilation of a freight forwarding. This saves you energy costs – and the environment a large amount of CO2 .

Ground-mounted Vs Roof-top Solar

Medium and large retail outlets such as supermarkets or furniture stores often have large unused roof surfaces.

About Statkraft BLP

Statkraft BLP Solar Solution aligns your current energy needs and your future energy demands with clean energy solutions, thus helping you attain energy security. Energy solutions provided are unique to each client depending on their energy requirements and feasibility for solar installation.

These tailor-made solutions not only help you become energy independent in long run. In-Campus or Off-Campus solar power is not only a clean form of energy but is also profitable for you.