StatkraftBLP Clean Energy Solutions

Bharat Light & Power (BLP) was founded in 2010 to cater to the rising demand of clean energy in India. In just a few years, BLP has emerged as a market leader in clean energy production. BLP builds, owns and operates renewable energy power plants to generate clean energy from namely wind and solar. The focus is on utilizing advanced technologies to increase power generation productivity. Bharat Light & Power believes in growing by developing strong partnerships to ensure global standards are adopted. Its partners include Statkraft and Enel Green Power.

The company has 3 companies in the group.

  • Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions (SBSS) focuses on distributed solar solutions in the commercial & industrial space. These are rooftop, ground mounted and open access solutions. SBSS provides a complete solution and offers both capex and opex solutions. It finances, installs and operates the solar farms.
  • BLP Energy is a joint venture with Enel Green Power. This company focuses on large utility scale wind & solar projects. The company develops, owns and operates these wind and solar farms.
  • BLP Clean Energy has developed one of the worlds most advanced IOT platforms for machine learning called Orion. Orion currently provides monitoring, reporting and advanced analytics for wind, solar and hydro plants. Orion leverages big data, cloud, machine learning and mobility. The company has a 24×7 control centre from where it manages these assets.

BLP has a strong pipeline of projects which it is developing. Innovation and technology development are key values driving the growth at BLP – which is resulting in creating one of the strongest renewable energy platforms in India.