StatkraftBLP Project Lifecycle

Feasibility Check:

It is done to check whether the available roof and the load profile in concern are suitable for solar installation. Through this process the most suitable installation type is also determined. We determine all the above through a free and non-binding site survey.

Demand Optimization:

After the feasibility check and the site survey, the solar installation is planned and its designing is done in detail so that optimum power is generated for your consumption. This planning and designing is unique and tailor-made to suit the client’s requirements.

Power Consumption

The power generated on your property is available directly for your own consumption. Excess power that is generated can be pushed into the grid; you can receive the feed-in tariff for the extra generation through net-metering.

Quality in the Long Term:

We only use high quality components in our installation. This allows our customers to have the benefit of highest efficiency over the entire contract period.

Service + Maintenance:

PV system is regularly maintained and serviced, so that our clients do not have to worry about it.