StatkraftBLP Project Operation

Decision to go solar cannot be taken overnight. We understand your apprehension and thus we provide you consulting and technical support in four clear steps:

Planning phase comprises of the following set of activities:

  • Economic evaluation is done based on current values (current costs, electricity price per kWh, roof size / details)
  • Technical plant design based on the site inspection

Now you know how the installation will be customized to your needs.

Competitive and unambiguous offer in terms of:

  • Costs
  • Scope (products, safety standards, construction etc.)

On agreement of terms, sign definitive contracts. This is the starting point for implementation.

Coordination of all works:

  • Preparation (pre-installation work which includes roof reinforcement or ground leveling etc.)
  • Structure design and installation
  • Communication and coordination with network operators and electricity suppliers
  • Acceptance & Commissioning

At the end of this phase, your solar system is ready and generates electricity for you.

Technical management:

  • Monitoring operations on timely basis
  • Periodic cleaning, service and maintenance

M&E helps maintain the high performance levels and secures the resulting benefits from them.