StatkraftBLP Renewable Energy Sources

It all began with the use of waterfalls to generate electricity. And now for over 120 years, Norway’s state-owned giant, Statkraft, has been successfully producing renewable energy from various natural resources. Today, Statkraft is Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy and a forerunner in the field of decentralized energy supply.Undoubtedly, Statkraft has accumulated vast knowledge and experience in the field of renewable energy production.

Being a producer with over 12 GW renewable assets in operation along with being a service provider for third parties, Statkraft aims to use its knowledge and expertise to continue to grow in the renewable energy sector and to fully integrate this know-how with Statkraft’s markets.

Reliable partner for long-term investments

As a company which is 100% owned by the Norwegian State, Statkraft ensures financial security in investments. This security along with long-term contracts gives assurance to our clients that helps us develop strong partnerships.

Commitment to renewable energy

More than a century’s experience is reflected in the company’s motto “providing pure energy” and demonstrates Statkraft’s conviction to actively participate in shaping the global energy transition.

Long tradition in clean energy

The history of Statkraft is not only exciting, but is also a good example of a sustainable development strategy. Statkraft’s commitment to a sustainable development is deep-rooted and the idea was conceived long before the term ‘sustainability’ became a global agenda.