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StatkraftBLP Solar Installation

Solar systems are expensive

With incentives and subsidies pouring in from both State and Centre at every stage, right from procurement to installation, the cost of solar systems is at all time low in the present scenario.
This is precisely the reason that most of the industries and commercial set-ups are opting for solar. Solar installations not only making them energy independent but are also helping them cut their electricity cost by a remarkable amount.

Solar systems do not work in cloudy, foggy or rainy conditions

It is true that solar panels require sunlight to produce electricity from the radiations received. However, it is a myth that radiations are received only during clear sky days. Solar panels can work both under direct or indirect sunlight. Clouds do not block the UV rays from irradiating the solar panels. In fact presence of clouds ensures optimum temperature for power generation which is 43 degree Fahrenheit.
There are various examples all across the world to substantiate this fact. For example, Germany does not see sunny days for most part of the year, yet it generates 20-30% of its total electricity required through solar installations.

Solar installations within property are not safe

Solar powered houses are not a rare phenomenon these days. Solar installations are mostly done to serve for a very long period, generally 10-25 years. Therefore, it becomes imperative to be very careful about technical aspects before installation is done. Solar installation of any form, rooftop or ground mounted, require wiring and capacity planning and panel placement. For all these processes, the client receives technical help by the SBSS team and all the processes are carried out under expert supervision with best practices and industry standards in consideration to avoid any technical anomaly in future.
Thus, it is absolutely safe to install solar panels on your roof-top or available land space within your premises.

Solar installations could harm the property

When we think of solar installations at the roof-top, we are immediately drawn towards the thought of its repercussions on the property in terms of deterioration, leakage or roof collapse.
Solar panels, in-fact, protects and preserves the roof-tops from extreme weather conditions by acting as a shield against heat and rain.
Solar panels are not directly attached to the roof-tops. The panels are generally mounted on a railing system which in turn is bolted to the roof. This provides the scope for removal of these panels whenever roof maintenance is required.

Solar systems require additional cost of battery storage

Most of the modern solar installations are grid connected. This means that the excess power generated by the in-campus solar system can be fed back to the grid for which the customer receives energy credits. This offsets the customer’s electricity bill.
Battery storage is not required for such arrangements. However, if the customer wishes to install a battery storage system then he may opt to do so. Storage batteries are currently expensive and need to be replaced every 5-10 years.

Solar energy is unreliable, inconsistent and inefficient

With advancing technology and the recent breakthrough in panel design and construct, the efficiency of solar panels has increased many folds. Off-grid solar systems have the advantage over utility supply that they do not undergo power outages. Moreover, as per the US Department of Energy, the efficiency of solar panels has increased four times since 1970 and now this efficiency is comparable to automobile fuels on the efficiency scale.
In fact, solar energy has become so efficient, consistent and reliable that they are now used to power aircraft warning lights, railroad signals, space-shuttles, traffic lights and so on.

Solar panels can power my house even when there is a power outage

Most of the modern solar installations are grid-connected. During power outages, the grid-connected systems also go out. This is basically to ensure safety of the workers who are trying to fix the grid-outage. The inverter, in such cases, recognizes the outage and cuts off the solar set-up too.
This problem can be overcome by installing a DG with your set-up to provide you with power during outages.

Solar installations make the property look ugly

With various varieties of solar panels available to suit your requirement and taste, solar panels on the roof-top or peripheral land area within property premises can be aesthetically designed. There are thin film types and non-reflecting types available which would not only add value to your property but will also give your property a more sophisticated look.
With the growing awareness for clean and green energy, some view them as green badges of honor.