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Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions currently deals with two types of products for providing energy solutions to its clients.

StatkraftBLP - Ground-mounted solar installation

Ground-mounted solar installation

1. Ground-Mounted Installation: Ground-mounted solar installation is done when there is insufficient roof space or when there are shading or structural issues that prevents rooftop installation of solar modules. These ground-mounted installations consist of solar modules attached to racks which are anchored on the ground or soil. These racks are mounted on structures that raise the solar modules above the shaded area and tilt them at proper angle. Wiring for the ground-mounted installation is laid underground, as per the prescribed standards, to ensure safety and aesthetic appeal.

At SBSS, ground-mounted solar installations are realized either as In-Campus energy generation system or as Open Access system where energy produced is wheeled and banked through existing distribution system to the client location.

StatkraftBLP - Roof-top solar installation

Roof-top solar installation

2. Rooftop Solar Installation: Every building, with the available roof space, is capable of generating electricity from solar PV modules for self consumption. Solar panels are installed on such rooftops to develop a small scale decentralized energy solution for consumer’s electricity needs. Solar panels can be installed on rooftops of any institution, commercial establishment or industrial building.

Rooftop solar power installations for industrial and commercial facilities are the mainstay for distributed electrical energy supply and hold both economic and ecological benefits.