StatkraftBLP Solar Solutions for Corporate Spaces

‘With SBSS’ solar installation you can become a responsible and eco-friendly business’

Apart from standards compliance, location advantage and usage of ecological building materials, installing a solar PV system can greatly enhance the property value. Tenants and buyers can reduce their energy costs in the long run.

Whether it is an office building, a hotel or a shopping mall, energy costs are a major component of operating costs. Property seekers will certainly prefer a building with well-equipped energy supply means, which promises long-term fixed predictable energy costs and reliable supply. Going solar, is not just a temporary optimization, but serves as a source of economic and environmental benefits, for years to come.

StatkraftBLP Solar Solutions for Hotels

‘Solar installation is profitable for both owners and tenants’

Compared with other measures that you perform for a revaluation of real estate assets, Statkraft BLP Solar Solution’s installations provide unbeatable advantages. It allows you to increase the value of the property with zero investment from your end. The Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions helps in making your property more attractive – not only by helping you save on the energy costs, but also because of the reduced “ecological footprint” which creates a positive public image of the company.