StatkraftBLP Energy Efficient Solution

‘Reduce your cost of operation and carbon foot-print with cheap renewable energy’

Energy costs are an important factor in the industry. Machines, furnaces, automation, security and operational processes require large amounts of energy. With in-campus power generation using solar panels, a substantial part of the demand can be met through PV systems resulting in a significant reduction in energy costs.

The Statkraft BLP Solar Solution gives you an alternative energy source directly on your roof or within your premises- without tying up capital or your investment and with no extra effort from your end. When you go for solar with Statkraft BLP Solar Solution, you get energy solution in the forms of a long term calculated, price and you eventually benefit from the favorable, self-generated electricity.

Save network charges, reduce power peaks and become less dependent on ever-fluctuating grid electricity prices. You also benefit from the green label that you receive by going solar.

StatkraftBLP Energy Efficient Solution

‘Reduce energy cost while saving on taxes with solar installation. Can it get any better?’

Stable & Predictable Energy Costs

With the energy generated in the in-campus mode, the amount of energy that you require from the grid falls drastically. The remaining requirement can be supplied by SBSS’ installation using open access.

There is also the intangible brand benefit of the going green.