StatkraftBLP Solar Solution - Retail Savings

‘With SBSS’ solar installation you can become a responsible and eco-friendly business’

Apart from rent and property maintenance, electricity consumption in the retail sector (for instance, for refrigeration in the food trade, air conditioning of commercial unit or effective lighting in furniture store) is a major expense, which have propagated energy efficient technology like LED lights and closed refrigeration appliances.

With Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions you can effectively reduce your energy costs depending on the property conditions, location and prevailing solar policies of the state. And all this you can achieve with zero investment from your end.
Do you operate multiple stores or business facilities? Place solar modules in various chains to achieve economies of scale benefits. Your trade group can realize savings from day one with solar installations.

Your commitment to the environment is an important competitive advantage in today’s image-conscious environment. The installation of a solar system in your campus is a credible demonstration of your sustainability efforts.

StatkraftBLP Solar Solution - Commercial Savings

From lighting to air-conditioning, solar solution can serve all your energy needs!’

Add Value to Your Property

The inexpensive, environmentally friendly solar power reduces your operating costs from the first month. The reason for this is the low generation costs of the electricity which is available for the self-consumption. The sun does not cost anything and the solar installation is funded by Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions for you.

Sustainability and resource conservation are important issues in dialogue with customers and various other stakeholders in any business. With your own production of renewable energy you can show your customers how environmental concerns are integrated in your business strategies.

So enjoy reduced carbon-footprint and increased price security with the self-generated energy.