StatkraftBLP Solar Solutions for Warehouses

Reliable, cheap and efficient – Solar energy is what you need for a smooth business

Costs for lighting, operating fully automated high-bay warehouse, air conditioning of the facility or power required for the cold-storages are some important energy costs for profit calculation. Especially in the field warehousing, electricity costs have risen sharply. A solar system for self-consumption is an interesting approach to reduce energy costs significantly and sustainably.

With captive power generation from Statkraft BLP Solar Solution’s installations, you take no risk: your capital and credit lines remain free for other investments because you do not invest in the technology. It also allows you to reduce energy costs, without any additional expense on payroll or maintenance.

Going sustainable in operations is need of the hour. With captive power generation through solar installations you showcase a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Solar installations are an effective example for communicating your ‘go-green’ strategies.

StatkraftBLP Solar Solutions for Storage Spaces

‘Optimized supply for all your energy needs – Stay assured with SBSS’ solar installation’

Save on your energy costs – for years to come

Your solar panels on the roof will lower your electricity costs for a long time. You can calculate your energy costs over the entire contract period, since they are determined by the contract beforehand. So you become independent of the fluctuations in grid-tariffs or any other developments which adversely impact the electricity and energy market.

No network charges, no maintenance cost and improved performance: You can now look forward to optimized operations and ease of doing business.